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We offer Same Day Settlement for card transactions

You know how important cash is for you in your Business. We know as well. Very well. That is why we have created this innovative product of Same Day Settlement.

If you take card payments, we settle you upfront. Same Day. Simple. No waiting for 2-3 Business days for cash to arrive your account. Immediate cash in your Business. Our costs are minimal.

Easy and Quick set up

Your existing arrangements with your card terminal provider, remain unchanged. Ours is an additional service on top of your existing arrangements. So no change to your Business. Just get used to working with more cash!

This option of availing finance by early card settlement is typically cheaper than SME loans. A key Financial Service made easily accessible!

In real life of a merchant,this happens every day ...

Why do I have to wait for 2 to 3 days to get my own money and pay high charges?

- Taxi Driver, London
“Instant Settlement”
Our mission is to merchants instantly for digital transactions at minimal cost - just like cash!
Unlocking cash locked in the Business

Decimal Finance will fund the Merchant against their end of the day batch as soon as it is run. It will collect monies from the Merchant’s processor on T+2

Salient features of the Product:
  • This is a ‘Factoring’ or ‘Receivables Purchase’ arrangement. Not unsecured Lending.
  • Any chargebacks and charges will be passed on to the Merchant
  • Merchant doesn’t have to change their Processor
  • Settlement services to merchant create opportunities to cross sell other products such as Merchant Cash Advance
Differentiation/ Innovation:

There is no product available for same day settlement. The ones providing faster settlement require the merchant to switch their merchant services to the provider and often the merchants are in long contracts, so are unable to switch services.

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